The Home Office Realty
Shiawassee Counties #1 Selling Real Estate Company Since 2005


Selling Your Home


Thinking about selling your home? The Real estate agent and the real estate company you choose makes all the difference in the world! You probably know that The Home Office Realty sells many more homes in Shiawassee County than any other real estate company and has for over decade. How? There are many reasons but #1 is we believe in advertising and marketing our sellers' homes!

Our competitors rely on the internet for cheap advertising. We use every possible internet venue too, but also are the largest print advertisers in Shiawassee County! Buyers still look in the papers for homes and when they do yours is there!

We present you with a written marketing plan detailing what we do to sell your home. Marketing is everything to your success. All sellers want their homes sold in the quickest time, for the most money, and with the fewest hassles and a sound marketing program is what it takes!

All of our Agents are full time each with over 20 years in real estate sales in Shiawassee County. No other competitor comes close to the expertise The Home Office Realty LLC brings to the table. Call today for any of our top agents!